Council Highlights - June 10, 2024 (2024)

Read below about the decisions made by theCity of Dawson Creek Councilat the June 10, 2024 Council Meeting.

Hope Air Day Proclamation

Charleigh Rudy, Executive Director of the South Peace Division of Family Practice, was in attendance to proclaim June 17, 2024 as Hope Air Day in Dawson Creek. Hope Air bas been instrumental in bridging the gap between smaller communities and hospitals far from home, reducing the barriers that often prevent individuals from reaching medical care. The impact of Hope Air extends beyond the individual patients served, positively affecting families, communities, and the healthcare system as a whole by promoting wellness and reducing the burden of untreated medical conditions. Learn more about Hope Air and the services available at

Northern BC Work Camps and Family Project

Wayne Plenert from Peacebuilder Mediation was in attendance to request that the City of Dawson Creek support the Northern BC Work Camp and Family Project. The project will focus on how to change and transition community events so that those in work camps can attend with their families and contribute, allowing them to be more involved in their community. Council directed Staff to provide a letter of support towards this project.

Solar Energy Options in Public Spaces

Don Pettit and Greg Dueck of Peace Energy Cooperative, and Lukas Armstrong of Stand Architecture, were in attendance to review solar energy options in public spaces within Dawson Creek. The recommended actions that were presented were to: finalize a 2-year “Solarize Dawson Creek” plan for 12 municipal facilities, complete a study to maximize Multiplex solar, complete a feasibility study with Public Consultation for a Solar Community Hub, and continue research of Public Solar into high-visibility public spaces, such as Solar Trees and EV Charging Stations. Council deferred the decision until a later meeting, and asked Staff to bring back a report on the research and solarizing of Dawson Creek.

Filipino Heritage Month Proclamation

Members of the Kalipi South Peace Filipino Community were in attendance alongside Councillor Greg Apolonio to proclaim June as Filipino Heritage Month in Dawson Creek. Filipino associations and societies were first established in 2010 and have evolved into some of the largest, oldest and most active Filipino groups in the Peace Region. Today, Filipino organizations have the primary goal of increasing understanding between Filipino immigrants and Canadian culture, specifically in Dawson Creek. The spirit of BAYANIHAN (helping one another to achieve a goal) is strong among these groups, as are the values of fun, culture and family.

2024 Annual Rotary Fall Fair Parade Route

A letter was received from the Dawson Creek Rotary Club Sunrise advising Council that the end location of the Annual Fall Fair Parade will need to change due to the construction of the new hospital. Council received the letter for information, which means no action will be taken at this time. Staff will follow up with the Rotary Club through the Community Event Permit process. Learn more about Community Events permits at

Grant Application: KBAC Decorative Rock Replacement and Feature Upgrades

A request for a letter of support towards the Northern Development Initiative Trust Recreation Infrastructure Grant program was received for the KBAC Decorative Rock Replacement and Feature Upgrades Project. Council directed Staff to write a letter of support towards the application.

2024 UBCM Resolution – Fast Tracking Internationally Educated, Trained, and Experienced Healthcare Workers

Council directed Staff to submit the suggested resolution to the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) 2024 Convention regarding fast tracking internationally educated, trained, and experienced healthcare workers. View the full resolution online.

Outstanding Kindness Meter Donations

Report No. 24-070 Outstanding Kindness Meter Donations detailed the remaining balance from Kindness Meter Fund, a previous initiative of Council. The Kindness Meter Policy was repealed on April 24, 2023, through the 2023 Policy Review process. Council directed Staff to add the remaining balance of $657.43 to the Community Grant Fund.

2024 UBCM Convention – Meeting Requests and Topics

Each year in September, members of Mayor and Council attend the UBCM Convention to bring awareness to Dawson Creek issues and to advocate for our community to the BC Ministers. Report No. 24-072 2024 UBCM Convention – Meeting Requests and Topics details the meeting requests and priorities that Council would like to bring forward at the convention. View the full list of Minister Meetings that Staff will submit for approval online.

City Pole Banners Update

Report No. 24-073 City Pole Banners Update details the history of the replacement of the City Pole Banners and the next steps that will be taken towards replacing the banners both downtown and on 8 Street. To read about the history of this project and to view the next steps, read the report online.

Changes to Water Conservation Measures Amendment Bylaw No. 4585 for Consideration

Report No. 24-068 Water Conservation Measures Amendment Bylaw No. 4585, 2024 was brought forward for consideration of First Three Readings. The amendments include changes to three different sections, including changes to definitions, how the measures are announced publicly, and the addition of language to restrict the transportation of large amounts of water for non-potable use specifically for hydraulic fracturing operations. This bylaw will be up for adoption at the next Council Meeting on June 24, 2024. View the full report online.

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Council Highlights - June 10, 2024 (2024)


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