Free Deck Designer Software & Plans | (2024)

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Our user-friendly free deck design tool will assist you to accomplish your deck vision.


You'll need to create an account or login to to get started and save your designs.

Free Deck Designer Software & Plans | (4)


The Perfect Design Tool Whether You're DIYing or Hiring a Contractor

Free Deck Designer Software & Plans | (5)


Design the personalized deck of your dreams with this simple and fun experience. Explore endless design possibilities with the click of a button—try out different dimensions, build a multi-level deck, or add in stairs.

  • Experiment with different square footage
  • Try out unique features like octagons or multi-levels
  • Save or download your designs for easy sharing

Free Deck Designer Software & Plans | (6)


Explore your unique deck or patio design in 3D and 2D top, side, and front views. Once your design is complete, download the plans to submit them for permits or share with your contractor. You’ll also receive a suggested material list to get a better idea of what you’ll need to get started.

  • View your design in 3D or multiple 2D views
  • Download permit plans and build specs
  • Get a breakdown list for all suggested materials



Download Our Deck Construction Guide

Download our free deck construction guide to get started building your new deck. This guide covers everything from planning and designing your deck to choosing the right materials and ledger board details.

From footings to deck beams to stair attachments, view building requirements and detailed construction diagrams for all parts of your decking project.

Free Deck Designer Software & Plans | (7)

How to Use the Deck Designer Tool

The Deck Designer tool can help you create the perfect outdoor space for your home. With this tool, you can choose from a variety of composite decking boards, railings, and other accessories to create a custom deck to enhance your home's value and curb appeal.

To get started, you will need to create an account and log in. Once you're logged in, you can begin designing your dream deck.

Consider the following when designing your deck:

  • What kind of material do you want to use?
  • The size and shape of your deck.
  • Choose the right accessories to finish it off.

Once you have made your selections, you can then begin adding features to your deck. For example, you can add stairs, railings, and other accessories. You can also add lighting to your deck to create a more enjoyable space. Below are the steps to help you use our deck designer tool:

Get Building Plans & Suggested Material Lists

Design, Build & Enjoy

  • Create an Account or Login

    Registering for an account will allow you to:

    • Save your deck designs for later
    • Download permit plans and material lists
    • Get instant and exclusive access to all that has to offer, including free downloadable deck plans and hundreds of decking building resources
  • Design Your Custom Deck

    After you sign-in to your account you can:

    • Have full access to the deck designer tool to create your dream deck
    • Check out the help videos if you need more guidance
  • Get Started with Your Project

    After you complete your digital deck designer:

    • Share your designs with family members or contractors to help get your project started
    • View material breakdowns
    • Download plans to submit for permits

Design Your Dream Deck

Create an account or login to get started with Deck Designer today.


Free Deck Designer Software & Plans | (8)

Deck Designer Frequently Asked Questions

If you're planning to build a deck, our custom deck builder and patio designer tool can help you get started. Here are some frequently asked questions about using our backyard deck designer.

FAQ’s for


My design does not require railings, how do I remove the railings?


Unfortunately, the program is not capable of removing the railing at this time.


How can I find my previously saved designs on your Deck Designer?


To access your saved deck plans, log into your account.

  • Go to the free deck designer.
  • Click on Start Designing.
  • Click on Menu in the top left corner.
  • Click on List
  • You should see a drop-down list of your saved plans. Click on the desired plan.

Free Deck Designer Software & Plans | (9)


I would like my joists/decking to run in the opposite direction, can I do this?


To make the joists run the opposite direction, move the deck to the side of the existing house.

Then you can drag to center the project. See photo below.

Free Deck Designer Software & Plans | (10)


Is there a way to add stairs between levels?


Yes, here are the instructions on adding stairs between landings. Adding Stairs with a Landing.pdf


How do I change the height of my deck?


When you click on the deck, in the lower left corner, you will see a drop down menu that will allow you to change the height of your deck, see image below:

Free Deck Designer Software & Plans | (11)


I do not want to use 2x10’s for my framing, is there a way to change the framing details?


Unfortunately, there is no option to change the size of your joists and beams.


I am interested in using one of your Free Plans, but I would like a size that is not listed. Are you able to modify that for me?


Unfortunately we are unable to modify the sizes of some of the free plans, but you can email and we will let you know if the plan can be recreated in your size using our Deck Design tool.


I have a Bay Window/Bump out at my house. Is there a way to create that in your program?


Here are instructions on creating a “Bump Out” on your house: House with a Bump Out.pdf


Is there a way to create walls on 2 sides of the deck?


Yes, here are instructions on creating walls on 2 sides of your deck: Creating an L Shaped House.pdf


I keep getting an error message when I try to print my permit plan, what is the issue?


It appears that the tool is finding an error in the design that it cannot calculate.

If you go back into your design, it should be showing red exclamation (!) marks and if you hover over them, it should be telling you the issue that the tool is recognizing. If it’s not showing you those marks, you can send a screenshot to of what the design is and the error message it is giving you and we can try to resolve for you.


What browsers can I use the deck designer tool on?


The deck designer tool is supported on the latest versions of Chrome (version 56+), Safari (version 8+), Firefox (version 51+), and Microsoft Edge Chromium (version 79+).


How do I find a local contractor to build my custom deck?


There are a few ways to go about finding a custom deck builder in your area.

  • One way is to ask around for recommendations from friends or family who may have had a custom deck built recently.
  • Another way is to search online for custom deck contractors in your area

Once you find a contractor, you can contact them to get more information and get an estimate for your custom deck project.


Does it cost anything to use the deck designer?


No, the deck designer is a free tool you can use to plan and design your dream deck. Our deck designer tool inspires and assists you in visualizing your perfect deck. After you complete your design you can save or print it for a reference.

With a little planning and creativity, you can design a deck that is uniquely yours. By using quality materials and thoughtfully selecting your accessories, you can create a space that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

More Helpful Resources

Step-by-Step DIY GuideLEARN HOW TO BUILD A DECK > Deck Designer Disclaimer and Disclosure

Designing and building a custom deck can be a fun and rewarding experience. But with any home improvement project, it is important to always consider safety first. Please carefully read and accept the terms of use before we get started.

The Deck Designer and related plans are to be used as an educational guide and not to be considered a finalized deck building plan. It is your responsibility to verify the accuracy and compliance with your local building codes and site conditions. accepts no liability for any damages including personal injuries or property losses for the information published from the Deck Designer. We cannot anticipate your entire field working conditions or the characteristics of your building materials and tools. Consider your skill level and use caution and good judgment when using this information. If you have questions or concerns, consult with your local building inspector, engineer, or architect. Always obtain the necessary building permits and follow local codes and guidelines.

Be sure to follow the deck building plans and instructions carefully. You are responsible for ensuring that the measurements and design are correct. Due to the size, shape, height, site location, anticipated use, and other factors you may be required to install additional structural support including knee bracing or bridging between joists that aren't included in the Designer tool, related plans, or construction guide. You are responsible for verifying that the design and any modifications you make meet local building codes. accepts no liability or responsibility for your design, construction, or the use of any products supplied by

You assume total responsibility and risk for your use of the Deck Designer.

Free Deck Designer Software & Plans | (2024)


Do it yourself Deck Designer software free? ›

7 Free Deck Design Tools Compared
  1. ...
  2. Trex. ...
  3. TimberTech and Azek. ...
  4. Fiberon Decking. ...
  5. Big Hammer by Home Depot. ...
  6. MiTek Deck Designer. ...
  7. Dek-Vision by Duradek.

Is free? ›

Create a free account and get instant access to: Virtual deck designer. 80+ professional deck plans. 1,000+ DIY and design articles.

Is Lowes Deck Designer free? ›

What's the cost to use Deck Designer at Lowe's? Our Deck Designer is a free tool that inspires and helps you visualize the deck of your dreams. You can discuss the costs associated with building the deck with your project contractors.

What is the app that draws deck plans? ›

Keep reading and choose the perfect deck design app that will ensure you get your dream deck!
  • Aztek Deck Designer. ...
  • Deck Designer. ...
  • Lowe's Deck Designer. ...
  • Trex Deck Design and Planning Software. ...
  • MiTek Deck Designer. ...
  • SketchUp. ...
  • Do-It-Yourself Deck Designer. ...
  • Fiberon Deck Visualizer.

Is there a free design app? ›

To do graphic design for free on your computer or mobile device, you need a software application like Canva, Inkscape, or GIMP. These programs let you create logos, illustrations, animations, custom fonts, and more.

Is there an app to see what a deck would look like? ›

The Trex AR app is free and available for download on the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for Android devices.

Who can design a deck for me? ›

An architect can take your concepts for your dream deck and turn them into visualizations so you can see what the deck will look like. Once you settle on the design you like best, the architect draws up blueprints that provide the contractor with elevations, heights, and features for the construction of the deck.

How much does it cost to build a 20x20 deck? ›

4 Large decks that measure 14x20 use significantly more materials, leading to a cost range of $8,500 to $17,000,4 while a 20x20 deck will cost between $12,000 to $24,000,4 depending on the type of material and the layout of the deck.

Is deck worth the money? ›

Research shows that homeowners recoup at least 76% of their investment which is one the highest returns of any home improvement project. On average, the cost of a wooden deck is about $13,000 with a resale value of about $11,000. So it's a safe bet for increasing your home value!

How much do deck designers charge? ›

In terms of hourly pricing, a graphic designer charges anywhere between $17-$48. However, if you are looking for a professional pitch deck designer, be prepared to budget $1,000-$3,000 for their expertise. Bear in mind, that any certified designer can do a decent job in giving your slides a clean aesthetic.

What is deck design software? ›

The Deck Designer tool can help you create the perfect outdoor space for your home. With this tool, you can choose from a variety of composite decking boards, railings, and other accessories to create a custom deck to enhance your home's value and curb appeal.

How much does it cost to have 10x10 deck built? ›

Average Cost to Build a Deck by Size
Deck SizeSquare FootageNational Average Cost Range*
8' x 10'80$3,200 – $4,800
10' x 10'100$4000 – $6000
12' x 12'144$5,760 – $8,640
10' x 20'200$8,000 – $12,000
6 more rows

How far apart should deck joists be? ›

How wide apart should decking joists be? In North America, joist spacing for residential decks is 12″ to 16″ apart, or according to local building code. Most decks require 16″ spacing for the deck itself, with 12″ spacing used for special applications, such as stairs or commercial structures.

Is it cheaper to build a deck yourself? ›

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Deck Yourself vs. Hiring a Contractor? For basic deck designs using the least expensive lumber, the cost to build a deck yourself is about $8 to $10 per square foot (depending on the material) if you do the work yourself. You'll pay about $30 per square foot if professionally installed.

Can you DIY your own deck? ›

But if you are adventurous enough, and have a few extra hands, building your very own deck is very possible! Why build your own deck? For me, it came down to learning some new skills and saving lots of money! It is so extremely rewarding to stand on a deck that you have created with your own two hands.

Can I build a deck by myself? ›

Building your own deck is a great way of transforming an outdoor area into a space perfect for entertaining. Believe it or not, it is not as hard as it seems – you can even do it yourself. All you need is timber supply, some materials and the right tools for the job.


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