Top of the Hub | Fine Dining & 52 Floors High (2024)

Enjoy fine dining plus panoramic Boston views

Top of the Hub | Fine Dining & 52 Floors High (1)
View from Top of the Hub

One of Boston's best romantic restaurants, Top of the Hub features superb New England cuisine, panoramic views of the city, and jazz ensembles every night in its sophisticated lounge.


As soon as you enter the restaurant on the 52nd floor at the top of Back Bay's Prudential Tower, you'll be drawn to dramatic views of spectacular city vistas through floor-to-ceiling windows.

The views alone would explain why Top of the Hub is a favorite Boston restaurant for special occasions - proposals, anniversaries, birthday celebrations.

But superb service, delicious food and wine, andelegant ambiance bring diners back again and again.

If you're visiting Boston for the first time, Top of the Hub's views make it the perfect choice if you're planning a splurge meal. Come for lunch or Sunday brunch for daytime views, and dinner or even just a drink in the lounge if you want to see city lights spread out before you.

No time for a meal? Stop byPrudential Skywalk Observatory on the 50th floor for 360 degree views - Adults $14 or free entrance when you have a Boston Discount Card.

Top of the Hub Cuisine

Top of the Hub | Fine Dining & 52 Floors High (2)Top of the Hub emphasizes local Boston favorites and New England regional specialties, with a slight Asian twist evident in a few dishes - perhaps a nod to the city's international heritage.

This is a wonderful place to try local seafood. Lobster is almost always on the menu along with other native New England seafood - look for Atlantic halibut and salmon, Wellfleet clams, East Coast oysters and scallops, and during their short season, small sweet rock shrimp from Maine. Clam chowder is always superb here.


How to Save While Dining at Top of the Hub

Top of the Hub offers several attractive fixed price menus including a couple of chef's tasting menus. You can't go wrong with any of them, so let your appetite and your wallet be your guide. This is one restaurant where I almost always prefer the prix-fixe menus to á la carte because of the appealing choices.

In particular, the three course prix-fixe dinner menu with wine pairings represents a bargain - you'll find interesting selections among the starters, main courses, and desserts, and the wine choices are always excellent.

The popular Sunday brunch is only fixed price, but be warned - it's a rather huge meal. Stick with seafood choices if you want to avoid mid-day carb overload.

However, the best way to feast on Top of the Hub's renowned cuisine while enjoy the best views is tocome for the even more affordable prix-fixe lunch menu. For just a couple ofdollars above Dine Out Boston bargain prices, you get a splendid 3-course lunch at this top Boston restaurant - and aspecial experience in one of the city's iconic venues.

Jazz at Top of the Hub Lounge and Bar

Top of the Hub | Fine Dining & 52 Floors High (3)Another way to enjoy Top of the Hub views and ambiance is to go for a drink in the adjacent lounge/bar. As a bonus, jazz ensembles play every evening in the lounge, sillouetted against spectacular night views of the city.

You can also order food from the Top of the Hub Lounge menu, basically the same as the lunch menu and a great option for a late dinner . . . or even just dessert mid-afternoon.

If you're visiting Boston and planning to visit the Prudential Skywalk Observatory on the 50th floor, consider the Top of the Hub Lounge as an alternative. For not much more than you'd spend on Skywalk tickets, you can opt for the Lounge. Enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea and perhaps one of the yummy desserts along with the best views in Boston.

Photo courtesy of May Wong

Details and directions for Top of the Hub Restaurant

Address: 52nd floor, 800 Boylston Street; Back Bay; Green Line E/Prudential
Reservations: 617-536-1775
Cover charge in Lounge when jazz ensembles are playing: None. However, a per person minimum (less than the cost of a drink or two plus tip) does apply after 8pm if you sit at a Lounge table. No minimum if you sit directly at the bar.

Top of the Hub "Dress Code": What to Wear to Fit In

Look for lots of business attire - both formal and casual - at lunch and brunch.

In the evenings, most diners dress up a bit, and some a lot. Guys, this means a jacket. Gals, black always works well - dress it up with a shawl, scarf, or jewelry if you want.

Important to note: Top of the Hub no longer requires coats and ties for men. Business casual and casual chic are fine - but leave your jeans and t-shirts in your suitcase, and don't even think about shorts!

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Top of the Hub | Fine Dining & 52 Floors High (2024)


What floor was the top of the hub on? ›

Top of the Hub was a restaurant on the 52nd floor of the Prudential Tower in Boston.

What is the top of the hub now? ›

The three-floor observatory atop the Prudential Tower replaced the "Top of The Hub" restaurant and Skywalk Observatory, which closed three years ago. View Boston features an open-air roof deck known as "The Cloud Terrace" that wraps around the 51st floor of the building, offering 360-degree views.

Can you still go to the top of the Prudential building? ›

View Boston is a 360 degree observation deck offering breathtaking and orienting views from high above the heart of Boston. The observatory encompasses the top three floors of Prudential Tower.

How many floors are in the hub? ›

The Hub, also known as 333 Schermerhorn Street, is a 610-foot, 55-floor skyscraper in the Downtown Brooklyn neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City.

What is the tallest building in Boston? ›

The tallest structure in Boston is the 60-story 200 Clarendon, better known to locals as the John Hanco*ck Tower, which rises 790 feet (241 m) in the Back Bay district. It is also the tallest building in New England and the 80th-tallest building in the United States.

When did Top of the Hub open? ›

Top of the Hub, which first opened back in 1965, had originally planned to close down in April of this year, but the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent restaurant shutdown caused the dining spot to cease operations in mid-March.

What restaurant was at the top of the Prudential in Boston? ›

Take your dining experience to new heights after enjoying all View Boston has to offer. The Beacon Bistro features 33 miles of breathtaking views, a 22-seat window facing bar and seasonal beverages and bites. The Beacon is located in View Boston on the 50th floor of Prudential Tower.

Is View Boston worth it? ›

Overall, I would say my visit to View Boston and 360° of stunning views from the top of the Pru was worth every penny. It was something unique to do in the city and you are in the heart of Back Bay, where there are plenty of options for dining and entertainment following your visit.

When did the Top of the Hub close? ›

The sky-high restaurant was supposed to close in April.

When Top of the Hub announced in January that, after 54 years in business, it would serve its last meal on April 18, reactions ranged from “good riddance” to stories about unforgettable proposals.

Why is the Prudential Skywalk closed? ›

Boston Properties, which owns the Prudential Tower in Back Bay, said the restaurant and the observatory are closing amid the expiration of their lease. Ohio-based Select Restaurants Inc. operates Top of the Hub and Skywalk, and said Boston Properties did not offer a new lease "despite several years of discussion."

How long to spend at the view in Boston? ›

For a quick yet memorable visit, allocate 1-2 hours. Ascend to the 52nd floor and savor panoramic views of Boston's iconic landmark. Capture the spectacular skyline from The Lookout Platforms and enjoy small plates at Stratus. For a more immersive experience, set aside 3-4 hours.

What is the 52 story skyscraper in Boston? ›

The Prudential Tower was designed by Charles Luckman and Associates for Prudential Insurance. Completed in 1964, the building is 749 feet (228 m) tall, with 52 floors, and (as of January 2021) is tied with others as the 114th-tallest in the United States.

Who owns Prudential Center? ›

The arena is owned by Josh Harris and David Blitzer and operated through Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment.

Who owns Prudential Tower? ›

Boston Properties currently owns the Prudential Tower.

What was at the top of the twin towers? ›

In 2001, the restaurant Windows on the World, which also operated two subsidiary restaurants—Wild Blue and the Greatest Bar on Earth—employed around 450 people who spoke more than 60 different languages. These dining places were located at the top of the North Tower.

Can you go to the top of the John Hanco*ck building in Boston? ›

The excellent view of the City of Boston. Alas, the observatory is gone. Generations will miss the history lesson that the Observatory provided as well as the breath-taking 60th floor views. Alas, the observation deck has been closed since 911.

What is at the top of the Prudential Center? ›

Perched on the top three floors of the Prudential Tower, View Boston is a 360-degree observation deck offering breathtaking and orienting views from high above the heart of Boston.


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