Running Pace Calculator: Calculate Pace, Distance, & Time (2024)

Welcome to our free-to-use running pace calculator!

From here, you can convert distance and time to pace, pace and distance to time, and time and pace to distance.

Whilst functioning as a training pace calculator or race pace calculator, the calculator also has several other uses outlined below.

Simply choose your desired units (metric or imperial/US) and leave blank whichever value you want to calculate.

Running Pace Calculator

Please fill in two inputs, leave blank whichever input you wish to calculate, and select your desired units.

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Keep scrolling to learn more about the race pace calculator and the different ways you can use it. We’ll also answer some commonly asked questions.

Running Pace Calculator: Calculate Pace, Distance, & Time (1)

Running Pace Calculator: Essential Info

Whether you’re a hardcore ultrarunner or a jogging newbie, correct run pacing is vital.

The above calculator can be considered as both a run pace calculator, a run distance calculator, and a run time calculator.

For ease of use, users can choose run pace to be calculated or inputted in either minutes per mile or minutes per kilometer, depending on their preference.

What Can Our Running Pace Calculator Be Used For?

#1 – Plan Your Pace Based On A Time Goal

Our running pace calculator (i.e. running speed calculator) is great for those who need to calculate their training pace or their race pacing based on a target race time. In fact, being aware of your pacing in this way has been shown to reduce chance of injury and improve run-time accuracy.1Robergs, R. A., McNulty, C. R., Minett, G. M., Holland, J., & Trajano, G. (2018). Lactate, not Lactic Acid, is Produced by Cellular Cytosolic Energy Catabolism.Physiology,33(1), 10–12. 2Takai, K. (1998). Cognitive Strategies and Recall of Pace by Long-Distance Runners.Perceptual and Motor Skills,86(3), 763–770.

With a custom distance input, users can calculate their pace targets for any race distance whether it be 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, or ultramarathon.

#2 – Calculate Finish Time Based On Pace

You can calculate how long it will take you to run a race based on your running speed.

#3 – Calculate How Fast You Could Run A Distance Based On Your Speed

The calculator can also be used to determine how fast an individual could theoretically run a any given distance based on their pace. In this way, it also functions as a pace converter.

#4 – Calculate How Far You Could Travel In A Set Amount Of Time Based On Your Speed

If a runner wants to know how far they could travel in a certain amount of time based on their pace, then the above calculator can compute this.

#5 – Calculate Walking Pace

The above calculator can be used as a walking pace calculator without issue.

Running Pace Calculator: Calculate Pace, Distance, & Time (2)


What does my pace result mean?

Your pace result is the speed required to travel the distance you have inputted in the time you have inputted.

How can I use a running pace calculator to train?

If you have a set time goal in mind for a particular race, then you can calculate the pace you need to run on race day to achieve that time by entering the race distance and time goal into the calculator above.

Then, aim to run at this pace on some of your runs during your training plan or, for beginners, start working on increasing your speed until you can run at your target pace.

How do I calculate my ideal running pace for a marathon using a pace calculator?

To calculate your running pace per mile or kilometer for a marathon, simply enter your target race time and 42.2 kilometers or 26.2 miles into the calculator above and hit the calculate button.

If you don’t know your target race time, check out our Marathon Race Time Predictor and our Marathon Training Pace Guide.

For a more detailed custom breakdown of your target marathon pacing, check out our specific Marathon Pace Calculator.

How can I increase my running pace?

Whilst this is an incredibly common question, what most people who ask it really mean is how can I decrease my running pace, or, how can I increase my running speed?

This is because pace is measured in time over distance, whereby fewer minutes per mile means faster.

If you want toimprove your running speed and improve your running pace for longer-distance events, then you should work on increasing yourlactate threshold, sometimes referred to as the anaerobic threshold.3Ghosh, A. K. (2004). Anaerobic threshold: its concept and role in endurance sport.The Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences : MJMS,11(1), 24–36.

The lactate threshold refers to the point at which you move from aerobic respiration to anaerobic respiration.

This is primarily done through threshold runs and tempo runs, specifically performed at the lactate threshold pace.4Robergs, R. A., McNulty, C. R., Minett, G. M., Holland, J., & Trajano, G. (2018). Lactate, not Lactic Acid, is Produced by Cellular Cytosolic Energy Catabolism.Physiology,33(1), 10–12.

Additionally, improving your VO2 max and running economy can also help to increase your running speed.

Lastly, strength training and speed work can also play a role in decreasing your average running pace.

Check out our in-depth guide on how to run faster for more details.

How is running pace different from running speed?

Pace is time divided by distance, usually measured in minutes per mile or minutes per kilometer.

Consequently, a lower pace value = faster.

Speed is the inverse of this. For example, it may be measured in miles or kilometers per minute.

Therefore, a higher speed value = faster


Running Pace Calculator: Calculate Pace, Distance, & Time (2024)


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